A Warm Welcome to Bespoke Postnatal Personal Training

Bespoke Postnatal Personal Training offers a specialist service addressing the specific needs of both pregnant and postnatal women including safe exercise, postural realignment, deep core rehabilitation therapy and C-section recovery.

Hello!! I’m here to help postnatal ladies to recover and strengthen their bodies safely and effectively – the very help I wanted but couldn’t find after my son was born.

If you’re pregnant I can help you to protect, prepare and strengthen your body, working with your GP or midwife if you have any special requirements. Training during pregnancy will set you up for a faster postnatal recovery. Core strength, posture….. you’ll already be ‘on it’.

 Do you need help with:

weight management / nutrition
loss of abdominal tone
stress incontinence / weakened pelvic floor
poor posture
~ low grade pelvic organ prolapse

Have you been told to “strengthen your core” but have no idea where to begin?

You’ve come to the right place!!

I have spent several years studying under world-leading experts to deeply understand the effects of pregnancy and birthing on the body.  I have learnt how to use the physics of movement to aid the natural recovery processes. I can help you, on a truly deep, individual level….. at Bespoke Postnatal it’s all about you.

Interested? I’m here to help you. Do feel free to contact me via email or Facebook messenger for a no obligation chat.

What do you get?

Exclusive use of a private studio (no worries about feeling self-concious in a public gym)
1 to 1 sessions with a specialist personal trainer (and fellow mum!)
A program designed specifically for you, to meet your individual needs and time availability
Techniques and skills to last you a lifetime
Training based on sound scientific principals, no fads or gimmicks

Expect to see and feel results in six weeks.

Do you want to meet the never-ending demands of motherhood head-on, with strength and vitality?


****Taster sessions available****

See FAQ’s for pricing and details.

Find out more…

The Process
Session Structure

**New!!  Pregnancy Advice & Postnatal Prep Package**

~ A 90 minute in-person session in which you;

  • discover how pregnancy is affecting the tissues of your abdominal wall and your pelvic floor
  • how to connect, activate and strengthen your deep core system
  • key release strategies for those tight, painful muscles
  • strengthening exercises for weakened postural muscles
  • safe exercise advice

~ on-going support via email as you need it throughout your pregnancy

~ ebooks on related subjects including stress management,  pelvic floor and core strength (more as I write them!)

~ £38 off your future postnatal training

See FAQ’s for further information


“I highly recommend Emma of Bespoke Postnatal Personal Training, after having two children and a very difficult birth with my second child I needed professional help with exercises to help with my postnatal care.”

“After not receiving the correct after care following on from having my children, I have been regularly visiting Emma to follow a personalised exercise plan to help with strengthening my pelvic floor.”

“I love the calm, welcoming environment of Emma’s studio rather than a busy loud gym, it gives me the space and privacy to talk in confidence to Emma about my specific issues.”


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