Session Structure

A typical session follows the format described below. I will plan your session in advance according to your requirements. This is not cast in stone however and will be adapted to meet your needs and how you feel on the day.

Gentle Warm Up

Movements and stretches to mobilise the joints and stimulate your muscles and cardiovascular system.

Deep Core Strengthening and Functional Resistance Exercise

This is what it’s all about……  an inside-out job. You’ll start by learning to connect to your deep core system so you can really feel all the components contracting, including your pelvic floor and the deep abdominal muscle. Then engage it, use the entire system as it is naturally intended to work. Once you’ve got this, we bring in functional exercises to develop your strength and balance all the while using and strengthening the core. As your strength, agility and balance increases, the movements become more dynamic, complex and faster, giving your cardiovascular system a workout too. You start with body weight, then resistance bands before moving onto various free weights and suspension training as and when you are ready. You can also use a whole body vibration plate to really super-size and accelerate your progress.

Targeted Postural Realignment 

Life pulls our musculoskeletal system into a forwards, hunched position. Pregnancy, cradling and feeding a newborn magnify this problem. Rounded shoulders, forward head position, pelvis tilted forwards… you get the picture. *First stop is to release and free-up the tight, locked-on, often painful muscles then you can start to strengthen the weak muscles. Being able to hold yourself correctly in space has a huge impact on every part of your body.


We will also cover other factors which can influence your health and fitness:


The postnatal body is undergoing complex healing processes. Supporting your body during this phase with the correct balance of nutrients is essential for it to recover and strengthen. I can help you with weight loss if required.


Stressors, sleep quality, hydration, movement and lifting techniques……. any factor which may be impeding your progress towards your goals I am happy to discuss and offer advice on.

Homework (eek!!)

Don’t worry, I know there’s no such thing as time to yourself! Most of what you will learn can be incorporated into your daily life. We’ll work out a plan that is both manageable and effective for you.

My advice and support is there for you between sessions if you feel the need, just send me an email or message me via Facebook.

*Clients really love this – it has immediate effects!!

“After completing just a few sessions with Emma using very targeted exercises to help with my specific problems, I am already feeling stronger in not only my pelvis but also other areas of the body. I didn’t realise what an important part of the body the pelvic floor plays to ensure the rest of your body is working in synergy. I fully endorse Emma with her kind, caring, calm and professional approach to ensure that all my needs are met.”