The Process

For your own safety and well-being, you are required to have been given medical clearance to exercise. If you are postnatal this will normally be at your 6-8 week post-birth check-up. Completing an online questionnaire and attending an Initial Consultation will ensure the exercise program designed for you will target your specific needs, suit you as an individual, be rewarding and enjoyable for you.

If a client presents with any condition which is considered to be beyond the scope of the techniques employed by Bespoke Postnatal, training will not be provided and referral to a suitably trained medical practitioner will be advised.

1: Questionnaire

Submit the on-line Bespoke Postnatal PT Questionnaire here. If you are pregnant, drop me an email and I will send over a more relevant questionnaire.

2: Initial consultation

Once I have checked through your questionnaire responses and you appear fit to go ahead, I will arrange for you to have a visit to the studio. This will give us a chance to have a deeper chat about your requirements. I will provide you with a postural assessment, check for postnatal Diastasis Recti (separation and loss of tension at the midline of the abdomen) and determine how well you can activate your core muscles. I will explain and discuss what I find and how I would use the information to devise a safe and effective program to meet your needs.

3: Book up your training sessions

Sessions can be booked in blocks of 6 or 12. Full payment is required at the time of booking.

4: Progressing your training

Programming to support and strengthen a pregnant client will be driven by her body’s constantly changing requirements and abilities as she progresses through the trimesters. She will be prepared for labour, birth and for the intensive sport that is early motherhood. Staying on and continuing to train as a postnatal client is routine!!

As their final session approaches, postnatal clients are often keen to continue with a program which will develop with them as they gain greater core and functional strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. They may decide to concentrate on one specific area of fitness eg. muscular strength, cardiovascular training or a focused core program using TRX suspension training and the whole body vibration plate to a higher level. Advanced level training will only be provided once a client is fully healed and her postnatal recovery is complete.