Weight Loss Dieting vs Healing Nutrition

Finally, you’ve given birth YAY!! and got your body back to yourself. It’s very tempting (I know, I’ve been there) to assume ‘situation normal’ and treat your body as you would have done a year ago. Gained some extra weight? (as is to be expected) then surely now is the time to hit the weight loss dieting hard, right? WRONG!! Take your eyes off what you see on the outside for a moment and give a thought to what’s going on under your skin right now;

Recovery, Repair, Healing

No matter how straightforward your pregnancy and birth may have been, there is repair work going on, especially within your abdominal and pelvic tissues. Ignore it and your recovery will be prolonged.

Support and Nurture

My two key words for the postnatal body (movement and exercise are key here too, they’ll have their turn another time….). Your body needs a steady supply of the building blocks for repair from your diet. It needn’t be complicated either, just normal, wholesome food. There are 4 key players to watch for;


You are around 65% water. Drink regularly, avoid becoming thirsty.


Healing, regeneration, growth – they all depend on it and your body needs more than normal so supply it with healthy sources at every meal (I’m not talking nitrate-loaded bacon and sausages here).


Plenty of it and a good variety.

Essential Fatty Acids

The clue’s in the name. Oily fish, nuts and seeds are excellent sources.

Get your energy from starchy food (potato, rice, pasta), keeping the refined sugar as low as possible. This is thoughtful, supportive eating. Living off rice cakes just won’t do the job.

So, turn away from the unrealistic, unhealthy images in celebrity magazines and the like (don’t get me started) and look within. If your body could speak, what would it ask for? See above.