Why Personal Training when Postnatal?

Now, more than ever your body needs to be nurtured, healed, supported and strengthened. There is no respite. Your body goes straight from pregnancy and birth to the full-on demands of motherhood – without a break.

You are unique, your body is unique. No one else has the same history as you, has the same demands on them or lifestyle as you. That is how I treat every client, as the unique individual that she is. She has my full focus. I’m watching how her body is responding to the movements, the resistance, the stretches, the release of tension. She gives me constant feedback on what she feels, what her body is telling her. 

As a client of Bespoke Postnatal you will be encouraged to listen deeply to your body. Movements have an effect, not just on the working muscles, but on all the tissues associated with those muscles. Communicating what you feel or don’t feel tells me so much and decides what we do next. I will plan every session in advance for you, but what actually happens depends on how you feel, how your body responds. We’re talking deep, focused connection, healing and restrengthening. It needs to be safe, effective and enjoyable for you.

Every pregnancy and birth, no matter how straightforward will cause some (usually unwelcome) changes to your body. How long they persist and how much they impact your life depends to a large extent on what you do or don’t do about them in the weeks, months even years after giving birth.

Your body has a huge capacity to heal, but this takes time. There is a lot you can do to support healing and speed up recovery. More importantly, there are many ways you can unwittingly slow or even prevent healing altogether. This knowledge is vital as being aware and acting can have a huge impact on your health, fitness…life in general.

All my clients complete an on-line questionnaire and then come round for a deeper chat – all before training even begins. I need to know exactly what the lady in front of me wants, needs and the best way to help her in a way she will find fulfilling and enjoyable.